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NEW Trust Drivers 2019: Building Retail Investor Trust in the New Choice-Driven Marketplace

IQ Timely Topic | Date: Nov 19, 2019
This report examines key drivers of investor trust 2019, highlighting opportunities for firms to increase low trust and further enhance existing trust. This trust roadmap is build upon a regression analysis that assessed over 90 variables as possible influencers of trust in specific saving, investing and advice relationships.

Investment Products & Asset Managers: How a Mutual Fund Revival Can Overcome Confusion to Get Consumers Investing Again

IQ Insight Module | Date: Oct 16, 2019
This report analyzes U.S. household asset allocation, product types, online brokerage and awareness of asset managers. Learn about the dynamics between high cash and investor confusion. The last third of the report taps into 30 metrics that track asset managers to reveal consumer-reported awareness of shareholder awareness and top performer asset managers.

Wealth Transfer & Family Discussions: Growing Generosity, Desire to Discuss, and Benefits of Partner Planning for Retirement

IQ Timely Topic | Date: Sep 18, 2019
This report analyzes household involvement in inheritances, incidence of small funded trust accounts and impact on a variety of attitudes and wants. Find out what types of family conversations about money are occurring and who is driving them. See quantifiable benefits of partner retirement planning.

Money Movement: Tap into Consumer Motivations to Drive Trial and Transfers

IQ Insight Module | Date: Aug 27, 2019
This report provides actionable insights and greater visibility into transaction dynamics both at origin and destination for a full picture of opportunities and potential threats. Transactions covered include new deposits in new accounts, transfers, rollovers and cashouts from employer plans. Life events and the factors motivating money movement are analyzed.

Inside Advice® Grid: Consumer Feedback on the Framework That Empowers Consumer Choice

IQ Timely Topic | Date: Jun 24, 2019
This report is exclusively for Trends Subscribers. It covers consumer trust, pricing and competitive trends by category on Inside Advice® Grid, the framework for classifying advice and guidance experiences developed through Inside Advice® Benchmarking, the industry's most comprehensive benchmarking of advice and guidance experiences, and extensive consumer testing. Availability for license by Selected Report subscribers is expected sometime in H1 2020.

Retirement & Funding Mix it Up! Calling for Personalized Recipes Blending Part-time Work, Creative Approaches to Real Estate, and New Progress Measures

IQ Insight Module | Date: Jun 25, 2019
Trends covered in this report include changes in the age of stopping work, working part-time, the role of real estate as both a big spending type and an asset. The importance of human capital and blending income sources comes to life in a pre/post-retirement spending analysis, metrics on changes in consumer saving behaviors, and discussion of shortcomings of traditional retirement preparedness metrics.

Stores & Success Metrics: Redefining Success Measures in a Marketplace of Multiple Relationships and Lower Share of Wallet

IQ Insight Module | Date: Jun 12, 2019
This report covers trends in consumer relationships with their saving and investing "stores," or where they "buy" investing and advice. Data include number of relationships, reach and asset share of specific stores, trust, intent to recommend and intent to invest more, overall by store.

Explore Exercise: Motivations to Move Cash into Investments

EQ Exercise | Date: Mar 26, 2019
This Explore Qualitative™ Report examines the top reasons consumers say they keep cash, and what could motivate them to move cash into investments. It is an Explore Exercise, meaning it is a structured exploration of a topic that is emerging as strategically important to help identify future actions. The series of which this report is part, Shopping for Advice on Aging Gracefully, explores the increase in older consumers moving money, changing needs of an aging population, and industry-level questions about pricing of advice and high levels of cash. The demographic for this series is investors ages 53-70 with >$500K investable assets (>$250K outside workplace) who are actively involved in money movement, segmented by Desired Scope and Service Ranges on Inside Advice® Grid. As with all Explore Qualitative™ Reports, the underlying data in this report are consumer comments.

Income & Net Worth: Ideas to Drive Consumer-centric Innovation by Helping with Personal Headwinds

IQ Insight Module | Date: May 1, 2019
This section of the IQ Database covers the foundation of household finance. It begins with employment, since the ability to deploy human capital for income in labor markets is the foundation of wealth accumulation for most people. Written for industry practitioners rather than academics, this report uses national statistics to set context, analyzes lifestage, investable asset segments, and specific groups where appropriate, such as households with one or more partners working "gigs," and includes commentary on implications for saving, investing and advice. This report covers spending, by type, and saving, to complete the picture of household budget. Statistics and analysis of debt and real estate round out the picture of consumer household finance.

Explore Concept Test: "Financial Advice Menu" and Pricing

EQ Concept Test | Date: Mar 18, 2019
This Explore Qualitative™ Report examines how investors want to access and pay for various pieces of financial advice and service. It is an Explore Concept Test, meaning it reveals consumer reactions to a product or service that could be commercialized soon or is newly in-market. The series of which this report is part, Shopping for Advice on Aging Gracefully, explores the increase in older consumers moving money, changing needs of an aging population, and industry-level questions about pricing of advice and high levels of cash. The demographic for this series is investors ages 53-70 with >$500K investable assets (>$250K outside workplace) who are actively involved in money movement, segmented by Desired Scope and Service Ranges on Inside Advice® Grid. As with all Explore Qualitative™ Reports, the underlying data in this report are consumer comments.

Wants & Pricing: How Top Performers Crack the Code to Get Customer Wants Right

IQ Insight Module | Date: Apr 9, 2019
This report covers 25+ "wants," or the service dimensions consumers expect from their stores, and 10 wants from financial professionals, nationally, by lifestage and investable asset segments. Satisfaction ratings for the 20+ biggest stores result in Top Performer designations for those stores who outperform the pack. This report covers consumer awareness of pricing, pricing mechanisms, and to the extent possible, amounts as perceived by consumers, showing that flat fee pricing is gaining momentum in specific areas. Grounded in the belief that consumers should be able to buy what they want (hence the name of this section of IQ Database), this report also includes a fascinating analysis of how consumers who pay financial professionals fees differ from consumers who receive "free" advice.

Portrait™ of U.S. Household Wealth: Market Volatility and the Enduring Value of Consumer Households

Date: Feb 26, 2019
This highly sought-after report is Hearts & Wallets' annual market sizing study. The Portrait Grid™ is the foundation for sizing market opportunities. Gain actionable estimates of households and investable assets for the addressable U.S. retail investor market. Size by lifestage and generation, or with fact-based sizing exercises on personal advice shoppers. This report draws from the Hearts & Wallets IQ Database, which contains consumer buying pattern insights on 45,000 U.S. households, as well as U.S. Census Bureau, Survey of Consumer Finances, Federal Reserve Flow of Funds and Hearts & Wallets analysis.

Advice & Technology: Beyond Traditional Market Models, Receptivity to Professional Advice and the Mobile Payments Connection

IQ Insight Module | Date: Dec 11, 2018
This report uses the traditional three-point spectrum from self-direction to delegation as a springboard for a deeper examination of consumer behaviors using 15 sources of advice. The analysis at reliance on each source reveals that stated preference and behavior often diverge. The findings quantify "hybrid" users of advice, meaning consumers who use both online and people, tracking growth nationally, and provides current statistics for 36 cohorts of age and investable asset groups. Digging deeper into use of technology, the report tracks 10+ online activities, by computer and mobile. This report analyzes reliance on 15 sources of saving and investment information and advice, and 13 online activities by device. This year's report includes a special section that analyzes the connection between mobile payments and use of mobile for saving, investing and advice.

State of Advice & Guidance: Actionable and Integrated Advice

Date: Jan 29, 2019
This report presents findings from the latest cycle of Inside Advice® Benchmarking. It includes the popular Top 10 Trends in advice and guidance, a resource for many senior management discussions with key insights, trends and best practices on financial wellness, personalization, pricing and other findings. This report presents aggregated benchmarks by service level and selected analysis of workplace vs. retail.

Attitudes & Sentiment: Goal-Centric Consumers, the Advisory Relationship and Dreams of Retirement

IQ Insight Module | Date: Nov 14, 2018
This report begins with consumer sentiment, including feelings about financial future, perceived experience with investing, and risk tolerance, analyzing trends over time and by lifetage and investable asset segments. The report analyzes 14 goals ranging all aspects of life financial and investing goals, and 12 financial and political concerns. The analysis of current year results for 17 of the 43 attitudes tracked at different points over the 10-year history of IQ Database, covers employment and retirement, service-pricing, engagement, saving and spending, banking and insurance. Particular focus is given to crosstabs and competitive analysis of "I understand what a financial advisor does," a new attitude on debt and the frequently requested refresh of the attitude "I like to bank and invest at the same firm."

Pain Points & Actions: Insights to Address Large Advice Gaps by Reaching Consumers With Unmet Needs

IQ Insight Module | Date: Oct 16, 2018
This report analyzes current year difficulty with 20 of the 26 tasks tracked at different points over the 10-year history of the IQ Database, highlighting the most important observations by lifestage and investable assets groups. These same tasks are tracked as reasons for seeking help, where the difference between the difficulty and seeking help is the advice gap. This report also examines selected tasks by store, providing interesting competitive insights that provide inspiration for further individualized competitive analysis in Hearts & Wallets interactive software IQ Dataminer.