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Beyond Traditional Market Models, Receptivity to Professional Advice and the Mobile Payments Connection

Use data on how consumers are using sources of advice and technology to develop products, shape advice and craft messaging.
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Transformative Edge with Integrated Software

Take product development from lackluster to blockbuster. Shape financial advice experiences with factual benchmarks. Make informed decisions with a deeper understanding of the retail U.S. investor and the marketplace. 

Leading financial services firms rely on Hearts & Wallets' three integrated datasets of quantitative, qualitative and marketplace execution for a competitive edge:

  • Broadest and deepest quantitative database of individual U.S. investor wants and buying patterns of 45,000+ U.S. investor households – overlaid with market sizing.
  • Qualitative insights into the voice of the consumer to identify emerging trends before others.
  • Comprehensive benchmarking of customer satisfaction, quality of advice and guidance, and marketplace execution.

Immediate Answers with Relevant Research

Answer your most pressing questions on consumer buying patterns and financial marketplace execution today with Hearts & Wallets research reports. Tap into uncommon knowledge, responsiveness and technology for better bottom-line results. Our subject matter experts do the thinking to put you one step ahead.

  • Get started with a single report today! These qualitative, quantitative, market sizing and benchmarking reports deliver the data and insights you need now.  

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Products & Services

Inside Advice® Assessment

Leading financial services firms use Hearts & Wallets proprietary Inside Advice® methodology to enhance their advice experiences. This data-driven assessment compares each experience with 300+ measures within the Hearts & Wallets Inside Advice® Database to deliver easy-to-execute insights that can’t be found anywhere else. Validate funding, prioritize initiatives and clarify positioning. Communicate results with our Content Licensing options. Advice and guidance managers love Inside Advice® benchmarking.

Content Licensing

Drive your content marketing program with consumer and market financial statistics. Tap into three comprehensive datasets – consumer quantitative, qualitative and marketplace execution – that provide unparalleled breadth and depth on consumer finances, wants, buying patterns, satisfaction ratings and marketplace benchmarks.


"We love the (Hearts & Wallets) research, and honestly, I know there are good brains behind it, so there is never a question of integrity of data --"
Major diversified bank
"Inside Advice™ gives us the insights we need to enhance our experiences and improve advisor engagement --"
Broker-dealer bank

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