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Latest Insights

Jump start your thinking. Broaden your vision. Start here for data that is optimized for financial executives just like you. From annual reports to advanced analytics, you can count on Hearts & Wallets for deeper understanding, keen foresight and actionable answers.

Report: Pain Points & Actions

How Helping on the Biggest Difficulties Can Unleash Multiple Consumer Actions

Understanding financial pain points can shape products and services to support action taking. This report analyzes the level of difficulty consumers have with key financial tasks, rates of seeking help, and actions consumers are taking and plan to take in the future.

Report: Attitudes & Sentiment

Consumer Belief to Guide Strategic Decisions and New Product Development

Get the full picture on consumer goals, sentiments, concerns and attitudes toward saving and investing to guide strategy and inform decisions.

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Now, you don’t need a data science PhD to get fast, customized answers to time-sensitive questions.

Our software is designed with an in-depth understanding of the challenges you and other financial services executives responsible for strategy, solutions and innovation face every day.
With IQ Dataminer’s powerful, easy-to-use interface, you have instant access to –

  • over 80 million data points on consumer personal finance and competitive performance
  • over 50,000 U.S. households back to 2010
  • 1,600 fields optimized for retail saving, investing and advice businesses
  • custom segments and design targets
  • ability to use Investor Quantitative™Database fields or append exclusive proprietary questions to the IQ™ Database survey to see all data by your typing algorithms.

Improve Solutions Through Benchmarking

Tap into comprehensive market data and supportive, expert feedback to improve conversion, retention and usage.

Inside Advice® Benchmarking
Get a customer’s-eye-view of your advice experiences. This easy and confidential benchmarking works for all types of advice, guidance and engagement experiences, drawing from 60,000 industry data points. See how your answers to important customer questions compare to the industry – from asset allocation, target college budgets, dates for retiring or starting Social Security, recommended savings amounts and more. Choose one of two options:

  • Building Blocks: comparison of the answers to customer questions of your advice and guidance experience to others in the market
  • Best Practices: analysis of relative positioning, capabilities and next best steps

Custom Trust Driver Analysis
Benchmark firm performance on trust drivers and prioritize actions to increase trust.

Custom Presentations, Workshops & Consulting Hours
Ask us to participate in senior management discussions, product ideation sessions, open-ended consultations and custom analysis.

With our powerful combination of extensive line operating experience, consumer marketing and strategy consulting, we can accelerate your team’s understanding and progress.

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Get instant data for marketing campaigns, white papers or technology applications with flexible use options.

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Use Cases by Role

Whatever your responsibility, Hearts & Wallets can help. Select your role and find out more.

Strategy & Innovation

See emerging trends and obtain inputs for predictive models.

Recent Use Cases:

  • Obtained market sizes and inputs to lifetime value financial model to prioritize capital expenditures.
  • Developed thought leadership campaigns for external use.

Customer Experience & Segment Management

Identify needs of consumer groups and measure results.

Recent Use Cases:

  • Developed business case to target new consumer segment.
  • Analyzed customer satisfaction vs. competition for specific customer types.
  • Evaluated size/fit of potential new demographic group.

Advice & Financial Planning Management

Benchmark current positioning and enhance digital and live advice offerings.

Recent Use Cases:

  • Compared advice and guidance solutions across large organizations to align positioning and pricing.
  • Drove field adoption of planning programs with statistics to validate strengths.
  • Evaluated potential advice partners.

Product Management & Development

Identify targets and key features for current and possible future solutions.

Recent Use Cases:

  • Enhanced retirement income tool capabilities based on needs, preferences and behaviors of a specific target.
  • Promoted new investment products.