Hearts & Wallets is the data-driven consulting company that specializes in how consumers save, invest and seek financial advice. 

Leading companies use our resources to build and deliver competitively differentiated solutions. We support clients with:

  • three proprietary databases of consumer buying patterns, competitive benchmarks and foresight into future trends 
  • extensive line operating experience in retail saving and investing as well as consumer packaged goods
  • extensive industry-wide perspective

We bridge the gap between the complexity of saving, investing and advice and the power of consumer marketing.


We empower our clients to grow revenue through sounder strategies, more effective market solutions, and the ability to see emerging trends before others. Leading firms choose Hearts & Wallets because of the depth, breadth and acuity of our databases and our connected, industry-wide perspective. Our three proprietary databases give you uncommon knowledge to drive your business and career forward:

80 million data points on investor behaviors and buying patterns covering 1,600 fields for 50,000 U.S. households in our Investor Quantitative™ Database

8,000 “voice of the consumer” verbatims in our Explore Qualitative™ Database

60,000 data points on competitive benchmarks for hundreds of advice experiences with Inside Advice® Benchmarking

See a message from our founder and CEO on the problems Hearts & Wallets solves.


Our team of seasoned professionals combines saving and investing operating experience, consumer marketing expertise and engineering ingenuity. We are located in New York, San Francisco, Chicago and Washington, D.C.

Laura Varas

Founder & CEO

Jon Miller

Chief Technology Officer

Anne Sapp, CFA

Relationship Manager

Yevgeniy Andrikanis

Senior Software Engineer

Charles Collins

Lead Frontend Developer

Betsy Seeley

Subject Matter Expert

Lynn Walters

VP, Public Relations & Marketing

Amber Katris

Subject Matter Expert

Stephanie Keating

Subject Matter Expert

Beth Krettecos

Subject Matter Expert

Katherine Nygren

Subject Matter Expert

Walter Florio

Client Success Analyst

Claudia Loiacono

Subject Matter Analyst