Hearts & Wallets is the data and insights firm with its finger on the pulse of U.S. retail investors and how the marketplace executes. Our proven approach combines consumer marketing expertise with financial services operating experience. Leading firms come to us because our ideas and network keep us at the forefront of industry trends. We are passionate consumer advocates in our mission to support consumer-centric solutions within saving and investing.

Our resources empower clients to develop sounder strategies, market solutions more effectively and see emerging trends before others. This is because our three comprehensive datasets - consumer quantitative, qualitative and marketplace execution - provide unparalleled breadth and depth on consumer finances, wants, buying patterns, satisfaction ratings and marketplace benchmarks.


Our mission is to be a catalyst for consumer-driven innovation in retail investing and saving.

We work toward a future where --
Financial products and services solve actual needs for distinct groups of customers.
Clear market choices with transparent pricing lead to more engaged consumers and, ultimately, more opportunities for financial firms.
Technology enables greater access and understanding of consumer needs for those in saving and investment.
Consumers are as informed and engaged in their saving and investing decisions as they are about the other ways they use money.


Our growing team of seasoned professionals with financial services, consumer packaged goods, strategy consulting and technology backgrounds are located in the New York, San Francisco, Boston, Chicago and Washington, D.C., markets.

Laura Varas

Founder & CEO

Jon Miller

Chief Technology Officer

Liz Dow

VP, Relationship Manager

Anne Sapp, CFA

Relationship Manager

Jen Larson

Client Engagement Technology

Patrick Melo

Senior Software Architect

Betsy Seeley

Subject Matter Expert

Lynn Walters

VP, Public Relations & Marketing

Amber Katris

Subject Matter Expert

Stephanie Keating

Subject Matter Expert

Beth Krettecos

Subject Matter Expert

Katherine Nygren

Subject Matter Expert