Consulting Hours

Get immediate answers. There's no need to expend the time and resources to create your own custom research when Hearts & Wallets databases can be tapped for the answers. Work with our Subject Matter Experts who are experienced at delivering customizable interpretations that harness the power of our vast research. Hearts & Wallets proprietary databases can address one-time questions or short-term projects. Available with certain Trends™ Subscriber packages.

"Love these options and your level of deep thought," 
– Senior Manager, Strategic Insights, diversified financial services company

How this helps:

  • Uncover fresh insights with brand-new analysis or by tapping unpublished sections of the Hearts & Wallets databases 
  • Gain in-depth insights on specific topics with assistance from Hearts & Wallets Subject Matter Experts
  • Avoid the hassles and expense of custom research
  • Obtain customized answers even faster through Hearts & Wallets' powerful Interactive Software


  • Packages available with certain Trends™ subscriber tiers
  • Combine with Content Licensing to create thought-leader communications