Content Licensing

Drive your content marketing program with consumer and market financial statistics. Tap into three comprehensive datasets - consumer quantitative, qualitative and marketplace execution - that provide unparalleled breadth and depth on consumer finances, wants, buying patterns, satisfaction ratings and marketplace benchmarks. (Courtesy External Use. Available with certain Trends™ Subscriber packages.)

"Hearts & Wallets offers a generous Courtesy External Use Policy," 
– Client Insights and Strategy Manager at leading brokerage and investment firm 

How this helps:

  • Save time and money with meaningful data and insights from the Hearts & Wallets databases
  • Start with broad datasets from Hearts & Wallets for a wider array of options that result in richer storylines
  • Power company communications with content that resonates with your audiences
  • Obtain customized data and insights even faster through Hearts & Wallets’ powerful Interactive Software


  • Courtesy External Use Policy for Trends™ Subscribers Options for Single Communication or Ongoing Content packages with certain Trends™ Subscriptions
  • Flexible pricing options according to content, desired media and length of use

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