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Shopping for Advice on Aging Gracefully
Envision: Influences on Older Money Movers
Exercise: Motivations to Move Cash into Investments
Exercise: Expectations from Workplace vs. Retail
Concept Test: “Financial Advice Menu” and Pricing
Concept Test: “Home Conversion Mortgage” aka Reverse Mortgage
Concept Test: “Elder Financial Care”
Segmentation: Desired Scope and Service Ranges on Inside Advice® Grid

Talking Finance with Friends: Insights into Disruptive Trends in Savings, Digital Advice and Asset Management
Envision: How Friends are Influencing Investment Decisions
Exercise: Social Uses of Technology in Investing
Exercise: Role for Asset Managers
Concept Test: “Digital Investment Advice with Planning Option”
Concept Test: “Investment Account for Future Health Care Expenses” or HSA
Concept Test: “Banking and Investing Together” with New Saving Techniques
Segmentation: Reliance on Friends for Investing Advice

The “Experience Divide:” How Beliefs and Truths About Investing Experience Affect Loyalty, Attitudes to Active-Passive, HSAs and Descriptions of Advice
Envision: Beliefs & Truths about Investing Experience
Exercise: Loyalty to Firm vs. Advisors
Exercise: Expectations from Different Levels of Advice
Concept Test: “Investment Account for Future Health Care Expenses” or HSA
Concept Test: “Hybrid Active-Passive Fund”
Concept Test: “Educational Funding for Grandchildren”
Concept Test: Regulatory “Change in Mutual Funds Available”
Segmentation: Perceived Investing Experience

Envisioning the Future of Advice & Guidance: What Consumers of Different Service Models Value and Views on Future Pricing
Envision: Midlife Pressures & Checking Progress to Goals
Exercise: Roles for Primary & Secondary Sources of Advice
Exercise: Methods of Paying for Advice
Concept Test: “Long-Term Retirement Investment”
Concept Test: “Financial Advice for Non-Traditional Families”
Concept Test: “Choice Box”
Segmentation: Types of Stores Used

Digital Habits Revealed: How Older Affluent Investors Blend Live & Online Advice, Reactions to BIC and Concepts for Aging
Envision: Digital Options Leading to Choosier Older Consumers
Exercise: Blending of Digital and Professional Advice by Pain Point
Exercise: Attitudes to “Robo-Advisors” among Older Consumers
Concept Test: “Financial Decision-making Support for Aging”
Concept Test: “Investment Income Matched to Expense Types"
Concept Test: Regulatory “Best Interest Contract
Segmentation: Use of Digital Advice”

Unblocking Inertia: How Low Trust Looks Like Loyalty & Messaging and Solutions to Break Through
Envision: Sentiment & Goals
Exercise: Shopping and Relationships
Exercise: Motivating Advertising Messages
Concept Test: "Financial Wellness Subscription Program"
Concept Test: "Invested Emergency Fund"
Concept Test: "Investments and Insurance Package" for Gig Workers
Concept Test: Regulatory - “Proposed Fiduciary Rule”
Segmentation: Attitude to Paying for Professional Advice

Funding Life After Work: Impact of Parenthood & Wealth Transfer on Retirement Solutions for Baby Boomers 
Envision: Impact of Family Structure & Legacy Motive on Funding Old Age
Exercise: Language & Techniques for Generating Income in Retirement
Exercise: Expectations from Products & Stores
Exercise: Retirement Funding Highest Needs & Pricing
Concept Test: “Drawdown Fund”
Concept Test: “Goals-Based Investing”
Concept Test: “Overview of Income” for Statements & Digital Views
Segmentation: Family Structure & Legacy Motive

New Needs, New Competitors, New Solutions 
Envision: Goals, Definition of Success & Milestones
Exercise: Helps & Hindrances
Exercise: Opportunities for Products
Exercise: Roles for Stores vs. Products
Concept Test: "New Needs Framework"
Concept Test: "Leading Robos"
Segmentation: Financial Wellness Behaviors & Price Sensitivity

Optimizing the “Last Chapter”: What Pre-Retirees Want from their Money & How “Chunk or Nothing” Behavior Affects Service & Product Design 
Envision: What I Really Wanted to Do All My Life
Exercise: Chunk or Nothing - Emotion & Reason Behind Dipping into Principal
Exercise: George & Nina’s Reasons for Seeking Help
Exercise: Retirement Advice Service-Pricing Spectrum
Exercise: Retirement Product Advertisements
Concept Test: Regulatory “FINRA IRA Oversight” and “DOL In-Plan Income Product Guidance”
Segmentation: Pension Status & Retirement Preparedness

Life After Work and Fear of the Unknown: Reviving Product Appeal via Solutions Design to Smooth the Transition from Full-time Employment 
Envision: Looking Ahead to Stopping Full-time Work
Exercise: Current Investment Products and Influencers
Exercise: Transition from Accumulation to Income/Preservation
Exercise: The Balance of Power Between Manufacturers and Distributors
Concept Test: “Target-Date Retirement Fund with Income”
Concept Test: “Packaged Product vs. Components” Target Date Retirement Fund Use Case
Segmentation: Prefer Packaged Product or Component Parts

Surprises of Modern Retirement 
Envision: Experiences & Surprises of Retirement
Exercise: Sources of Funds (aka Retirement Income)
Exercise: Relationship History
Exercise: Competitive Perceptions of Product/Service Quality & Price
Concept Test: “Couples Planning”
Concept Test: Retirement “Transition Services”
Segmentation: Pension Status & Control of Retirement Timing

Generations X & Y Won’t Be DIY Forever 
Envision: Economic Realities, Attitudes & Goals
Exercise: Who's on the Financial Team?
Exercise: Relationship History Future
Exercise: Web-based Advice & App Offering Review
Segmentation: Peak Accumulators: Tech/Live Advice

Shining a Light on Pre- and Post-Retirees  
Envision: Attitudes towards “Retirement”
Exercise: Trial & Consolidation Experiences
Exercise: Use & Perceptions of Retirement Income Calculators
Concept Test: "Trust Services: Administrative Support for Older Customers & Their Families"
Concept Test: 3 Approaches to Retirement Income “Income Floor,” “Time-Based Buckets,” “Sustainable Withdrawal”
Segmentation: Vision for Senior Lifestyle

Reaching Accumulators in an Age of Anxiety 
Envision: Attitudes to External Environment
Exercise: Lifestyle Aspirations: Independence and Control
Exercise: Perceptions of Product/Service Quality & Price
Exercise: Relationship History
Exercise: Accumulators Weigh in on term "Retirement Income"
Concept Test: “Annual Advisor Review vs On-line Tools”
Concept Test: 4 Pricing Options - “Asset-Based Bundled” “Unbundled choice of Services and Fees” “Front-end Load” “Fiduciary Standard”
Segmentation: Feelings about Financial Future

Addressing the Elephant in Financial Services 
Envision: Burden of Distrust on Advice
Exercise: Met & Unmet Financial Advice Needs
Exercise: Keys to Becoming the Trusted Go-To Resource
Concept Test: Pricing "Asset-Based Bundled Investment + Personal Finance" "Choice of Service Level: Unbundled Investment + Personal Finance Advice"
Segmentation: Retirement Preparedness 

Gearing Up for Generations X and Y 
Envision: Generations X & Y Goals & Fears
Exercise: What's Working & What's Not: What Generation X & Y Investors Long For
Exercise: Investment Providers
Segmentation: Financial Wellness Behaviors

Acquiring Mid-Career Accumulators 
Envision: Reasons Not Saving Enough and Ways to Engage
Exercise: What's Working & What's Not: Insight into the Advice Service Models of the Future
Exercise: Attitudes & Experiences of Upshifters
Exercise: Attitudes & Experiences of Downshifters
Concept Test: “Financial Advice”
Segmentation: Service-Pricing Wants

Reactions to Retirement Income Concepts
Envision: Planning for the Unknowable
Exercise: Income Sources, Taxes & "Untouchable" Money
Exercise: Use & Trust in Providers
Concept Test: “Personal Guaranteed Pension”
Concept Test: “Retirement Investment and Spending Plan”
Concept Test: “Financial Life Advice”
Segmentation: Retirement Spending Philosophy

Rethinking Retirement, Investor Trust and the Value Proposition 
Envision: Retirement No Longer Achievable or Smart
Exercise: The Three Screaming Unmet Needs
Exercise: Trust Building Practices
Exercise: Pre-Retiree Checklist:  Not All 50-Somethings are Pre-Retirees
Segmentation: Financial Wellness Behaviors