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Hearts & Wallets is the resource for retail investor data and insights, combining a consumer marketing framework with financial services operating experience. The company is a catalyst for consumer-driven innovation in retail investing and saving. 


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State of Advice & Guidance

Actionable and Integrated Advice Report 

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Report Overview

Get the inside edge on advice and guidance with State of Advice & Guidance 2018: Actionable and Integrated Advice. This annual marketplace examination reveals what distinguishes the best advice, provides forward-looking Top Ten Trends and offers industry Best Practices. Advice managers can see where their experiences fit within the competitive spectrum with report insights drawn from data-driven Inside Advice® Benchmarking, a proprietary methodology of 300-plus measures.

Annually, a primary Hearts & Wallets Standardized Consumer Hypothetical is selected for companies seeking advice assessments. Mark and Stacy, a Mid-Career Accumulator couple in their late 40s, were the primary hypothetical for 2018. The hypothetical allows a standardized assessment of recommendations for each experience.

Select Key Findings

  • Options in personal financial advice and guidance are improving as more experiences cover multiple goals as part of overall financial wellness, and recommendations are becoming more actionable.
  • The capability to allocate saving by account type is missing from many experiences. The best experiences allocate saving across 5 to 6 different account types. 
  • The best advice and guidance experiences in 2018 personalize recommendations, taking into account variables like geography, tax rates and household status.
  • Options for advice vary widely in terms of Service Level and Scope, or number and depth and breadth of topics covered.
  • Innovations in financial advice are positive for consumers, but more options make it harder for consumers to choose since there has not been a reliable resource to help them compare and contrast.

How This Report Helps

Marketing, product and advice/digital design professionals get insights to:

  • Build capabilities that help your clients see progress toward all their goals with actionable steps.
  • Incorporate variables that can personalize the advice experience.
  • Provide clear pricing for service and advice as is the case for other products that consumers buy. 
  • Facilitate consumer shopping through clear categories. Differences in advice options can be more easily understood when categorized on the Hearts & Wallets Inside Advice® Grid by Service Level and Scope, the two most important considerations that distinguish advice and guidance experiences.  

Get an Inside Advice® Assessment!

Get your advice experience assessed today! In 2019 the featured Standardized Consumer Hypothetical is At-Retirement couple George & Nina and a second focus is Early Career Millennials Nate & Andy. Hearts & Wallets Standardized Consumer Hypotheticals are also available in other lifestages depending on the design targets for your advice and guidance experiences. 

Gain insights to help your organization grow. Ask a Hearts & Wallets Relationship Manager for more information.

About Hearts & Wallets Inside Advice® Benchmarking

Leading firms use Hearts & Wallets Inside Advice® Benchmarking to enhance their advice experiences. This data-driven assessment compares each experience with 300+ measures within the Inside Advice® Database to deliver easy-to-execute insights that can’t be found anywhere else. Validate funding, prioritize initiatives, and provide cross-enterprise positioning for multiple experiences.

Experiences are assessed using one of the Hearts & Wallets' stable of standardized consumer hypotheticals. These design targets have defined goals, questions and financial realities that reflect real consumer needs and concerns as identified in Hearts & Wallets Investor Quantitative™ Database, which now totals over 45,000 consumer respondents, along with the nationwide Explore Qualitative™ research series.

Executive Summary

Inside Advice® Benchmarking Methodology and Glossary


Key Findings & Implications, Favorite Statistics


Inside Advice Top Ten Trends

1. Goal Integration


2. Topics for Younger Consumers


3. Personalize Advice


4. Advice on Where to Save


5. Balance Tax Deferral and Liquidity


6. Articulate Value Prop & Price


7. Named Experiences


8. Engage in Right Model


9. Resource Centers


10. Choice Architecture


Hearts & Wallets Best Practices



1. Customer Centricity


2. Quality of Recommendations


3. Format


4. Process & Resources


Publication date January 29, 2019. This 56-page report features 42 data-intensive exhibits.

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Inside Advice® Benchmarking


__ State of Advice & Guidance: Actionable and Integrated Advice. Published January 29, 2018

Inside Advice® Assessments

Customized assessment -- understand how you compare to industry and category benchmarks. Enjoy the benefits of confidentiality for non-public experiences. You’ll also receive the latest State of Advice & Guidance report upon publication. Investment: $30,000 for the first experience, $15,000 each additional. Trends subscribers enjoy a special discount of $15,000 first experience; $10,000 each additional.

Complementary assessment -- with 3 thank-you benchmarks for participation, and reserve the option to obtain customized confidential results and feedback.

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Investor Quantitative™ Database

$14,000 each

__ Advice & Technology: Beyond Traditional Market Models, Receptivity to Professional Advice and Mobile Payments Connection. Published December 11, 2018.

__ Attitudes & Sentiment: Goal-Centric Consumers, the Advisory Relationship and Dreams of Retirement. Published November 14, 2018.

__ Pain Points & Actions: Insights to Address Large Advice Gaps by Reaching Consumers with Unmet Needs. Published October 16, 2018.

__ Investment Products & Asset Managers: Building Product Relevancy Through Customer Insights. Published September 18, 2018.

__ Money Movement: Insights to Outsmart the Competition as New Accounts are on the Rise. Published August 21, 2018.

__ Retirement & Funding: Building Informed Expectations About Sources of Income in Retirement. Published June 19, 2018.

__ Income & Net Worth: Thirst for Liquidity and Other Actionable Surprises in Human Capital and Household Finance. Published May 16, 2018.

__ Stores & Success Metrics: Winning the “Hearts & Wallets” of Customers. Published April 9, 2018.

Portrait™ Market Sizing


__ Portrait™ of U.S. Household Wealth: Essential Building Blocks to Empower Strategy & Prioritization. Published February 26, 2019.

Explore Qualitative™ Series


Accumulators, Talking Finance With Friends: Insights Into Disruptive Trends in Savings, Digital Advice and Asset Management. Published July 19, 2018 -- get all modules or choose from the following:

$4,000 each. Qualitative Insight Modules
__ How Friends Influence Finance (Sentiment)
__ Social Uses of Technology (Exercise)
__ Role for Asset Managers (Exercise)
__ Investment Account for Future Health Care Expenses (Concept Test)
__ Banking and Investing Together (Concept Test)
__ Digital Investment Advice with a Planning Option (Concept Test)

About Hearts & Wallets

Hearts & Wallets is the resource for retail investor data and insights, combining a consumer marketing framework with financial services operating experience. The company is a catalyst for consumer-driven innovation in retail investing and saving. 


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