Double-Dipping Consumers Cross Over to Redefine Traditional Industry Delegator/Do-It-Yourself Dichotomy

New Methodology Reveals Hybrid Consumer Segment

(Rye, NY) – The emergence of a hybrid crossover segment of more than 7 million affluent consumers who use both self- and full-service financial services providers redefines traditional delegator and do-it-yourself investment preference categories in a study by Hearts & Wallets, the preeminent financial research platform for consumer savings and investing insights.

Hearts & Wallets’ new Platform Choice segmentation is based on firms consumers actually work with rather than the traditional methodology of the consumer’s stated preference for investment decision-making. Hearts & Wallets research over the past five years indicates a major disconnect between what consumers say they do for investment advice and their actual behaviors. For example, only half (53%) of self-identified delegators, who say they rely primarily on financial professionals to make investment decisions, worked with a full–service investment provider in 2014, according to Hearts & Wallets data. Read More→

Study Finds Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plan (ESRP) Match Can More Than Double Annual Participant Savings

Low Interest Rates and “Oops” Factor Confound Older Investors, But Ameriprise, Edward Jones, Wells Fargo Advisors Leaders in Ideal Retirement Income Program Components

(Rye, NY) – A new study reveals an employer-sponsored retirement plan (ESRP) match can more than double average annual plan participant savings – especially for moderate-income households – and on the retirement income front, older investors have an exploding but unmet need, up 27% in two years, for help managing their retirement resources – according to Hearts & Wallets, the preeminent financial research platform for consumer savings and investing insights.

One piece of the retirement puzzle is helping savers accumulate better nest eggs. The other is helping older investors tap into their resources in more effective ways. The Hearts & Wallets study, Retirement Income Programs & Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plan Engagement, examines ESRP trends and also presents Hearts & Wallets biannual benchmarks on retirement income programs, most desired plan components and industry leaders. Read More→

Do ‘Robo Advisers’ Sell a Product or a Service?


Do technology-based “robo advisers” primarily offer souped-up investment products or services that can include calming nerves and motivating people to save more money? Hearts & Wallets shares findings from its latest research with the WSJ.

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