Integrated Research Platform for the “Age of the Consumer”

The consumer is more empowered today than ever before. From purchasing a car, to choosing a health plan, to buying a toothbrush, they are selecting the combinations of product attributes and services dimensions that are right for them, at prices that suit their wallets. To facilitate the arrival of this revolution to the investment, retirement and banking industries, Hearts & Wallets has built an integrated research platform that combines consumer marketing and strategy consulting frameworks with a deep, practical understanding of how the investment, retirement and banking industries function.

Portrait-80Portrait of U.S. Household Wealth™

Market Sizing

Begin with detailed market sizing, segmentation and product statistics based on government and proprietary data. more…

Explore-80Explore Qualitative™

Multi-Sponsor Focus Groups

Add qualitative insights into investor attitudes and motivations that shape future trends. Participate as a sponsor for cost-efficient qualitative insights. more…

IQD-80Investor Quantitative Database™

Annual Insight Modules and Topical Briefs

Quantify and track trends with Annual Insight Modules; access the database for custom analysis. Learn how to achieve business outcomes, and study specific segments or products with Topical Briefs that are tailored to trends and client interests each year. more…

Comp-80Inside Advice™

Strategies & Best Practices

Assess how things are being executed in the marketplace through our surveys, candid firm-specific assessments of public material, and firm-specific benchmarks. more…