Gain a competitive edge and engage your customers with a complete platform for consumer insights – quantitative, qualitative and market sizing – to understand and analyze the behaviors and attitudes of retail savers and investors. Hearts & Wallets expert analysis puts it all together at your fingertips.

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Portrait™ Market Sizing

Portrait™ of U.S. Household Wealth: Essential Building Blocks to Empower Strategy & Prioritization

Subscriber release: Jan, 2018 | Publication date: Mar 15, 2018
Know your market. This highly sought-after annual market sizing provides estimates for current and projected total households and investable assets for the addressable U.S. retail investor market. These essential building blocks help to prioritize initiatives. The analysis draws from government data, Hearts & Wallets Investor Quantitative™ Database fields and expert Hearts & Wallets proprietary analysis.

Explore Qualitative™ Reports

Explore Qualitative™ Accumulators: Talking Finance With Friends: Insights into Disruptive Trends in Savings, Digital Advice and Asset Management

Subscriber release: Jun, 2018 | Publication date: Jul 19, 2018
Gain insight into how friends influence investing decisions and use of social technology for investing and saving ideas. Learn how asset managers can gain relevance. Tap into disruptive trends with product concept tests on savings and digital advice.

Explore Qualitative™ Pre/Post Retirees - The "Experience Divide:" How Beliefs and Truths About Investing Experience Affect Loyalty and Attitudes to Active-Passive, HSAs and Descriptions of Advice

Subscriber release: Dec, 2017 | Publication date: Jan 11, 2018
Find out how perceived investing experience impacts understanding of advice and loyalty, and gain insight with consumer reactions to four industry concepts on Health Savings Accounts, Education Savings, Active-Passive Hybrid Accounts and Communicating Changes for Mutual Funds.

Inside Advice® Benchmarking

Investor Quantitative™ Database

Advice & Technology: Beyond Traditional Market Models, Receptivity to Professional Advice and the Mobile Payments Connection

Subscriber release: Nov, 2018 | Publication date: Dec 11, 2018
Traditional models of "Self-Directed" investors don't tell the full story. A closer examination of crossing preference by behaviors reveals consumers are relying less on themselves and using more sources of advice. Learn which sources are growing and with which groups of consumers.

Attitudes & Sentiment: Goal-Centric Consumers, the Advisory Relationship and Dreams of Retirement

Subscriber release: Oct, 2018 | Publication date: Nov 14, 2018
Consumers have multiple goals with retirement coming back into focus. This report provides key insights into consumer attitudes and sentiment to shape financial products, advice and messaging.

Pain Points & Actions: Insights to Address Large Advice Gaps by Reaching Consumers With Unmet Needs

Subscriber release: Oct, 2018 | Publication date: Oct 16, 2018
Many consumers who find a financial task difficult don’t seek help, creating large advice gaps. Understand the pain points of consumers and how to shape solutions for their unmet needs. Gain insights on actions taken and planned, and the buying patterns for specific financial firms.

Investment Products & Asset Managers: Building Product Relevancy Through Customer Insights

Subscriber release: Aug, 2018 | Publication date: Sep 18, 2018
Develop vibrant investment products that inspire consumers to remember the products they own. Learn about awareness and ownership of investment products and asset allocation for U.S. consumer groups. Gain insights into awareness of asset manager firms and the growing use of online brokerage.

Money Movement: Insights to Outsmart the Competition as New Accounts are on the Rise

Subscriber release: Jul, 2018 | Publication date: Aug 21, 2018
Hone competitive strategies and product development with a multidimensional view of money movement. Go beyond firm proprietary system data to gain greater visibility into transaction number and activity – both completed and being considered – for new and existing relationships. Identify transaction movement sources and destinations, amounts, timing and motivating factors by firm.

Retirement & Funding: Building Informed Expectations about Sources of Income in Retirement

Subscriber release: May, 2018 | Publication date: Jun 19, 2018
Gain insight into yet-to-retire consumers and their expectations for work and source of income in contrast to Post-Retirees. Learn what really matters in advice, the role of employer-sponsored plans, and ways to measure progress toward retirement.

Income & Net Worth: Thirst for Liquidity and Other Actionable Surprises in Human Capital and Household Finance

Subscriber release: Mar, 2018 | Publication date: May 16, 2018
Gain a complete understanding of consumer wealth with this report. Learn actionable insights into the top consumer needs in household finance -- from a thirst for capital liquidity to funding education, healthcare and unexpected expenses -- to shape advice and guidance, new products and go-to-market strategies.

Stores & Success Metrics: Winning the "Hearts & Wallets" of Customers

Subscriber release: Feb, 2018 | Publication date: Apr 9, 2018
Understand customer success metrics for the top investment, banking and retirement plan firms, or “stores,” most often cited by their customers. Learn which customers are using multiple stores - an increasingly common trend and the overall increase in consumer trust. This report measures customer trust and loyalty, including the Hearts & Wallets Loyalty Predictor – a combination of intent to invest more and the intent to recommend measures.

Wants & Pricing: Helping Consumers Purchase What They Want in Saving and Investing

Subscriber release: Jan, 2018 | Publication date: Feb 13, 2018
Dramatic shifts are occurring in consumer beliefs around pricing. Learn what consumers say they want and are willing to pay for in saving and investment. Understand the level of importance consumers place on 25 service dimension attributes and three pricing dimensions, plus how the top 23 firms cited most often perform.

Timely Topic: Active vs. Passive and Impact Investing

Subscriber release: Jul, 2017 | Publication date: Oct 24, 2017
Identify the latest trends around active and passive investing, the consumers who see the most value in active management and why. This report also identifies profiled targets of consumers based on their allocation to active or passive, types of impact investments owned and which ones they are likely to own in the future.